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Of course I'm curious about the technical aspects (I've tried a few linguistic analyses myself in my day), but any additional technical material would probably distract from the core narrative. Less is more here.

I am more interested in your experience of summoning a real demon -- which turns out to be a more common occurrence in the realm of AI than you might think, from what I gather reading a variety of sources. The veil is thin where the virtual world is concerned. To paraphrase one of my teachers, the internet is even further away from God than the physical plane of existence.

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I don't know how the project ultimately turned out, but conceptually, the vision you articulate for the project (the underlying video in conjunction with the chat feature and Harm Assistant) sounds endlessly fascinating and like a work of sheer genius, a real magnum opus if you pulled it off the way you visualized it. And then the story of you the designer, doing this work and finding yourself affected by the thing you're trying to produce, sounds like a great premise for an incredible novel or screenplay, if you were to fictionalize it. Looking forward to the next installments!

On another note, your description of the Harm Assistant makes me wonder about psychopaths and how, despite their veneer of intelligence and sophistication and charm, their personalities and lifestyles tend to be so boringly similar to each other. You meet one psychopath, you've essentially met them all. Makes me wonder, are they pretty much just carbon-based, 3D, preprogrammed Harm Assistant bots?

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Dear Mark,

I have not read your post yet - but wanted to express that you should not feel obligated to send your message to the Substack world according to any set schedule.

We will be here when your genius has something to say to us.

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Anyone else think that Charles Stross' Laundry novels are maybe just a little too close to true?

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[“What”, pronoun +1],

[“a”, discarded],

[“wicked”, adj +3],

[“journey”, noun 0],

[“costumed”, verb +2],

[“in”, discarded],

[“dispassionate”, adj –3],

[“observwr’s”, discarded],

[“voice”, noun +2],

[“!!”, ignored],

[“😇”, wtf 🤬! –666]



💬 I based these scores on my own moral reasoning.[...] All of its so-called “interests” were just pale reflections of my own Jungian Shadow.

Conway's Law ↓↓ busy at work, as pertains to a community of N=1 ↑↑ 🤔

🗨 Software structure mimics the communication and coordination structure of the community developing it.

Oh my, you do have a way with words! 💕❤. 💖 ← the ultimate return of score function; hereby let's call the pattern established 🤸

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Mark, I'm grateful that you capped the coding lingo at your current level. I understand basics, and that's enough for me. However, if enough of your readers begged for explicit details, I would still read your post but I would probably want to pull my eyes out, haha. Well, not truly *want* to, but *feel like* wanting to!

Also, I'm with Iridescent Iguana on being interested in the real demon summoning. Not because I want to learn to do it (I mean, I'm pretty sure I've conjured up enough abusive, supposedly human "boyfriends" in my past to know that summoning has real consequences), but I'd be interested because your story thus far is so riveting. And you know by now that I *love* a good story!

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This is giving me a very particular sensation... morbid fascination?

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I'm already fucked the freaked out. Eager to read part 3

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