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Great piece, ties in with several threads I've had on my mind. One observation. That shibboleth about "thinking twenty moves ahead" needs to be put to sleep. It is, as you imply, a psy-op in miniature--like the letters Ph.D, it serves to convince the hearer that there are people out there whose gargantuan intellectual prowess can judo the rest of us into oblivion. It unfortunately got traction on the dissident right with that meme about Trump playing 4D chess, too.

Reality is that chess grandmasters do NOT think twenty moves ahead. They recognize patterns based on their wide experience of all the ways chess games can go, and make moves to counter and exploit those patterns. It's the exact same thing each of us does every day in our daily lives and more so within our individual specialties. The myth of the political / medical / magical grandmaster is simply that, a myth.

Of course they know that themselves, secretly, which is why they're betting on AI: pattern recognition on the grand scale. And thus, one way to throw them off is to deliberately deviate from pattern. I'm reminded of how one academic refuted Skinner's contention that free will does not exist. Suddenly, in the middle of a conversation with Skinner himself, the man dived under his desk. "This is my answer," he shouted up from beneath it.

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-- "But the lab is not the wild."

Important insight, and one that has probably never occurred to any of these smug, self-proclaimed geniuses trying to conjure up all this dark magic. Your read on the situation is excellent, and taken together with John Carter's posts about "the Hydra" (https://barsoom.substack.com/p/the-great-convergence-i-pennywise), provides some real cause for optimism. Especially when the wizards' leadership is promoted for DEI purposes, rather than competence. Maybe they'll have some impressive and very expensive toys to play with, but they lack the imagination or skill to use those toys effectively in a dynamic environment. Before the wizards are able to figure out how to use their tools effectively, their opponents will have figured out a dozen ways to use the wizards' own tools against them.

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Thank you, Mark. And, for what it's worth, I don't think about you every day or even every week, but I woke up this morning wondering where the hell ya been. Now I know, and I'm glad you were thinking and writing in your unique style all that time, haha. Stay creative and courageous, I think that's what the Creator meant for us to do and be!

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Damn Mark. That one hit hard. It feels like you just non-chalantly pinned reality on a board, looked at it for a while, explaining to us bystanders what it's all about, then took it down, crumbled it in your hand, and threw it into the bin with an offhand gesture while leaving the classroom, a happy tune on your lips.

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Gold, iron, blacksmith, magic... maybe something like "rock, paper, stone"? ;)

It is worth considering that if the weapons being wielded are magical in nature (ie - aimed at procuring "changes in consciousness [of others] at will") the only defenses against such weapons are also magical. (ie - defending one's own states of consciousness against being changed by the will of others.) John Michael Greer continues to be an excellent guide to the magical arts of the brightest kind. Also, Dion Fortune's book "The Magical Battle of Britain" provides an idea of how this might work in practice. A commenter on one of John Michael Greer's blogs, whose name I sadly do not recall, once said, "Remember that out of every 100 Storm Troopers you see, 99 are cardboard cutouts." I have taken this saying to heart. The trick is to figure out which is the 1 that actually carries all the "iron", and be ready to fight that specific 1, without having wasted any energy on the fake, and ironless, 99.

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Meaty, juicy, tasty post Mark.

I had to read it twice, so hence my delay in praise.

I am seriously considering working in a much more low tech field vs software QA. Maybe truck driving.

Because I am seeing the AI/ChatGPT magic coming to devour all white collar tech jobs. Or maybe just 'most' jobs. Either would be a disaster.

Everything you're saying makes sense but....I've been hearing about the Apocalypse literally my entire life (Damn you, Hal Lindsey). I've been hearing Joe Biden is going to stroke out for, well, years now at this point. Maybe it's just the case that there is a lot of ruin in a nation, or that no man knows the day or the hour. It may be things will get a lot, lot worse before things truly fall apart. It feels like demons stalk the land quite freely. But...things were damn bad in the 1930's and we lived through that too.

Dunno. This is a great post and much respect to you Mark.

I think your last three lines tell the whole tale:


Either way: buckle up, buttercup.

This ride’s about to get bumpy, and a whole helluva lot more interesting."

Yes indeed.

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Good stuff Mark. I think that you have hit on several key points often missed in discussions like this. The big one though I like to sum up as 'Sin makes you stupid.', and while that definitely applies to all of us*edited from it oops* far too much, the sort of evil that these people are engaging in rots your brain faster than any of the psychedelics can fry an egg. What is often missed is that in any satanic sacrifice the magician also gives a part of himself, his mind, his soul whatever. It is no coincidence that Biden/Pelosi and the rest are all pants poopers. Certainly there is some selecting for obedient but ambitious idiots, but the work that they are engaged in produces people of this kind whatever it starts with.

Second point, is that our view of reality has been rather distorted by the strange prodigy of the Third Reich. They really are a prodigy in that evil almost always corrodes at such a rate that it is exceedingly rare to find that sort of evil that can still be efficient or effective. By a strange providence, the Nazis were both very evil and very effective for a long time and every since our imagination has been populated by evil masterminds. But evil almost always leads not to goose stepping efficiency and technical genius but to incompetence and incontinence as it is here and now.

Third point, my favorite literary analogy for the gerontocracy is Tolkien's Akallabeth-the Downfall of Numenor. In it, the Westerners, blessed by the Valar for their part in the defeat of the great evil, wise and powerful, are infiltrated by Sauron who becomes the chief councilor to their kings and twists them into something that would look awfully familiar to us. But as the last king is growing old and afraid of death Sauron convinces him to offer a sacrifice to the Dark Lord(not Sauron, called the Dark Lord from this point on but the first Dark Lord Morgoth) which causes the entire empire to be destroyed in a flood and the whole world remade.

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To go back to the question of why the armed forces are using Heather Has Two Mommies, and drag queens, for recruitment ads. Why? Near as I can tell, it is not to further demoralize domestic opponents to the Rainbow; that civil war has been won and written into law by Obergefell. I think the ads are put together by very sincere people who see themselves engaged in a kind of Reconstruction under the Rainbow flag, building an army to defend our Rainbow freedoms from all enemies foreign and domestic. So these ads are a logical appeal to children raised in the Rainbow faith these last twenty five years since "don't ask don't tell". These children are populating our armed forces going forward, and the Rainbow faith must be respected and encouraged lest we build an army of amoral white men dangerous to ourselves and the world.

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I get that 'if i have a sword and you have gold, soon i will have gold and a sword' and it does have some relevance. I like more your magick rules iron because Babylonian Money Magick buys the minds of people and at this point, it's global. So, if Gold = Money and the Money buys Minds, haven't you overpowered the Iron?

I think it's definitely cyclic though.

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”



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It's okay, don't be alarmed. Once this thing really gets going the whole shebang only lasts around seven years, or something. Read that somewhere....

And DARPA. Lol. Yeah, they get to try out all the insane things. But! We lived four years off one of their grants. (Don't worry, the project fizzled. Actually quite relieved, really. And probably that's the only time we'll have gotten that close to, well, whatever you want to call it.)

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If magic is the work of a mage to enslave or enthrall, then what is majesty? Reading the Oera Linda changed the way I think about magic. In the old days, there were Magi or Magyars, and the Magi had slaves. The Frisians (where we get our word free--Freya the matriarch of the Frisians) had a policy to not allow Magi or slaves on their land. This is a major theme of the book. The Magi and his slaves go hand in hand. The Magi are priests who use their craft to dominate and enslave their victims. The slaves are completely controlled by their fears (their religious superstition). The darkness of mental slavery and superstition has grown over their minds. They are like Odysseus's men, who are turned into swine by the witch Circe (CHURCH). Jesus also uses the symbol of swine to describe religious people when he said, don't throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample the pearls and then turn on you. How many times have you had your pearls trampled by religious people when you tried to use rational arguments to prevent them from taking the vaccines? Not a fun experience. Save your pearls of wisdom for people who value them. The Pearls of Wisdom (as Blake says) are sold in a desolate marketplace where none come to buy. If this makes you wonder if there is more symbolism of this sort in ancient poetry from Homer to Virgil, there is (Ovid was not versed in this tradition and represents the first feminist poet in Rome...the moral antithesis of the old classical tradition).

I've enjoyed your spoken and written word. Thanks for your contribution.

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Iron destroyed the world of magic. Probably quite literally. Fairies fear the secret of steel. It is not for nothing that in the age of iron we are all materialists and whatever is left of religion is a faith-based cargo cult of real spirituality.

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" I think the last time that magic ruled iron was the invention and use of the atomic bomb."

Yes, and just like magic, the atomic bomb isn't real. Just take a really close look at it and you'll see it's clearly propaganda; more of a psychological weapon than a real one:




And Oppenheimer was a fraud:


Parsons was too:


The Stanford Prison Experiment was faked:


'It’s not a case of “They’re all in on it.”'

Oh, but they are:



"The logical answer — to confess and repent — eludes them, because they dwell too much in the flesh."

Yes, this is a test: http://mileswmathis.com/test.pdf

"We’ll bear witness to the self-destruction inherent to all evil enterprises, as the backstabbers knife each other to death and the liars drown in their lies."

I can't wait!

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It's kinda weird, the way you frame the doddering old corpses at the top I kinda feel sorry for them, in a Buddhist detached compassion sort of way. They're rotten to the core, but also stupid and doomed, and I wonder how much of what they are can be attributed to the circumstances they found themselves in for reasons that went far beyond anything in their own lifetimes.

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I am not against you, but you are presenting "wishful thinking" rather than any real strategy. One real strategy is to restructure all governments from vertical to horizontal to end the reign of criminals (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oilxI6Dgoy8&t=5s). Horizontal government (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8) deletes politicians and political parties, puts the power into the hands of the people (citizen participation), employs extreme transparency, bottom-up direct democracy, confederalization, decentralization, and closes the door to "economic hitmen" (i.e. bribes, blackmail, intimidation/murder). We need effective, feasible strategies to end the history of enslavement. I can appreciate your brilliant writing, but wishful thinking is only going to keep us lulled asleep.

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--With any luck, mastery of iron will not revert to the blacksmith next time, but to the sovereign citizen--

Let the citizens become the goldsmith.

Purifying everything

in the crucible under high temperature.

So that all that remains is pure gold.

The gold that is imperishable.

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