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While I plan on personally doing what I can, converting people is nigh impossible. A conversation I had with a friend recently:

Her: "Is Biden running again, really? I wish he wouldn't. I would hate to vote for him again."

Me: "Well, you don't have to."

Her: "Well DeSantis scares me. He is nightmare fuel."

Me: "Why?"

Her: "I mean he's Trump's policies with nicer manners."

Me: "What policies scare you?"

Her: "All of them."

Me: "Name one of them."

Her: "They are all so scary I can't choose"

Me: "Just pick one, any one."

Her: "Wait, are you going to vote for him?!"

Me: "Well, he'd have to announce he's running first."

Her: "Oh, he announced it already."

Me: "I don't think so, although it's widely speculated he will run."

Her: "No, he's the nominee alright."

Me: "The primaries haven't even happened yet."

Her: "I think you're mistaken. Wait, you aren't going to vote for him are you!?"

Me: "Well, IF he runs and especially IF he is the GOP nominee than I'll have to hear what he says policy wise."

Her: "OMG, that's too scary. How could you even listen!"

I ended the conversation. I must point out this is an otherwise kind and caring person who has a Masters Degree in mental health. I know.. the irony. I have relatives that are similar.

(2018) Aunt: "Trump is a Russian spy! Seventeen FBI agents said he was!"

Me: "But that was 18 months ago. Why would they let a Russian spy stay in the oval office 18 months if they have the evidence to remove him?"

Aunt: "Seventeen agents!"

Me: "With no evidence."

Aunt: "They have evidence."

Me: "Then why are they sitting on it? Why wait 18 months and STILL not come out with it?"

Aunt: "These are FBI agents. They're experts."

Me: "I don't care who they are and how many there are! There is NO evidence! Why in the hell would they sit on the evidence and allow a spy in the white house!?"

Aunt: "You fail at logic. Read my lips... SEVEN...TEEN.

Me: "I need a drink."

Addendum to the last conversation: When the Meuller Report came out exonerating Trump my aunt then accused Mueller of being a Russian spy. No word on how many FBI agents corroborated this.

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Highly enjoyable post. I could write a long essay responding to it, but I'll just note a couple things:

1. Behind the WEF, Bilderbergs, CFR etc is the central bank owners -- the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Milners and their families. So I think the focus on the WEF, while interesting and helpful, is also a red herring.

2. The core issue is that the central bank owners print money out of thin air and then *lend the printed money, at interest* to governments, instead of governments simply printing their own money.

3. Therefore the central bank owners push governments to increase the amount of debt a country has to maximum extent possible; wars are great for doing this. That in turn increases the interest paid by the government to the central bank owners (who need to shakedown their citizens to make payments).

4. In order to keep the public from turning its ire on the central bank owner theft, divide et impera tactics are used to divide the public by race, gender, and sexual orientation, so they are too busy infighting to focus on their theft. This is why a focus on cultural war issues is really a waste of time, even though the whole tranny thing is evil and demonic.

5. Because the establishment's propaganda is so good and effective, and because most people are unthinking NPCs that simply want to listen to authority, there seems to be no effective counter to their tactics at this time.

It looks like things are going to get much worse based on current trends. I hope I'm wrong!

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Excellent high-level analysis! The devil is in the details. If it's true that Christ's body is the church, then whose body is this puppet empire? (And what a sickly, geriatric body it is, too!)

So many great lines in here. If I had to pick only one to highlight, it would be:

"They submit to the prime hallucination that our empire's hidden masters are too strong to be defeated, without ever posing the obvious question: 'If they're so fucking strong, then why do they hide?'"

Somebody doesn't want us looking behind the curtain and seeing the pathetic, necrotic, bitch-ass, con-artist pulling all the strings. If the puppetmaster was really so significant in its own right, it wouldn't even worry about us, let alone devote so much attention to maintaining the smoke-and-mirrors sorcery to keep us all distracted and in unnecessary fear. If it was really so great and powerful, it wouldn't need to hide. Imagine a cowardly grown man that bullies a group of very young children, but he's such a bitch that he cannot even do it himself: he gets his dimwitted henchmen to do it for him, while he hides behind them and prides himself on how powerful he is. That's the type of "super" villain we're dealing with. What a sad and pathetic loser it is.

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I read this twice today and I'll probably go back a third time.

This might be the best thing you've written, Mark.

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Until October of last year everything that I did online was anonymous. I was scared of the consequences and didn't see the payoff to posting under my own name. Here is what changed that for me. The Empire that we fear and fear we can't change, can't make the Taliban afraid anymore. They can't make the Russians or the Chinese afraid anymore. They can't make the Saudis afraid anymore. They have done their worst to all of those peoples and those peoples are still standing up and spitting in their faces and kicking their a**es. I still have enough pride to believe that the American Patriots are as tough, as resilient, as resourceful, as smart as any of those peoples. Plus, it stands to reason that we can hit the empire in the balls like no one else can. They are already doing their worst to us, to Mark Houck, to the J6 Patriots, and yes to Mr. Trump. If they could do anything worse to us they would already be doing it. Will we wait until they castrate our sons to stand up, because it is clear that that is where this ends. We don't need violence. But we do need courage. It is either the Beast from the Potomac's balls or our sons', but somebody is getting the snip. Just pick.

That is the reasoning that led me to leave behind the facediaper of anonymity. I am Snoticus, fear my pureblood sputum.


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Thanks for so eloquently nailing the seemingly indifferent folks who are so eager to shrug it all off as hopeless.

Am beginning to believe it to be a form of cowardice not to listen and talk about our clownish predicament.

I imagine the puppets giggling gleefully at those that ignore them out of helplessness. It is disheartening when friends refuse to join me in acknowledgment and scornful diatribe, but instead ask me to stop talking about it.

For now that might be all we can do about it, but at least it’s something.

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I do disagree a bit Mark. I don't think that the WEF or WHO is pulling any strings. The heart of the Beast is our own DOD and Intelligence community I suspect. All of the other evil depends on the 'hard power' backing it up. They were the ones who knew about covid before anyone else, they were the ones who built it and the shots. It is the Pentagon that owns and controls the jabs. They were the ones who seized control of all media. It is the Foreverwarriors and the Merchants of Death.

This country was transformed by summoning two demons, I have been calling them Empire and Arsenal. I think that they were summoned(probably deliberately) when we used atomic weapons on a civilian population, that was the sacrifice, the price of hegemony. And everything else is just window dressing until we repent of these two community sins. We are always being told that we are less than our fathers and grandfathers but lets prove that we are greater than them by repenting of their mistakes. Let's put the nuclear genie back in the bottle. Let's set the puppet countries free by recalling our armies and giving up the power to project lethal force around the globe. I think we can all agree that the time when we can claim that this country having those powers is a force for global good has come and gone. The Second Baptismal Vow has largely been lost but let's try it out and see where it takes our nation, 'Do you renounce Satan and all his works?'

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I posted this on Tom Luongo's community slack server. He just had a column that looks at the same issue, https://tomluongo.me/2023/04/18/unpacking-the-conversation-of-the-pentagon-papers/

"It is the height of lunacy to believe there aren’t people out there honestly trying to stop this train before it stops at World War III. To dismiss the leak as just another brick in the imperial wall while not seriously considering the idea that it was done by patriots in the Pentagon is honestly irresponsible."

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I started this piece which is articulate - honest - dire, and finished with hope stirring within me. This is why I am pleased to support you as a paid subscriber. You and John Carter and Grant and Daniel, el gato malo, The Good Citizen, your entire cohort, inspire me. You are like the 300 if that's not too grandiose a claim to make. You and the legion you are gathering will prevail, either to rule or borne on your shields honored by those for whom you fought.🙏

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"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?...We didn't love freedom enough. and even more - we had no awareness of the real situation....We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward" Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

We have been warned. Will it come to this? How many cowered in our homes during 2020? Whose local law enforcement officers acted like the Gestapo over fucking masks? Why did people allow 10 NYPD officers to surround a woman and a young child and throw them out of a diner because they didn't have a ridiculous vaccine card? This does not rise to the level of the Warsaw Ghetto....yet. These things always have a beginning. We have been warned.

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This is another I would put in the best of the best categories.

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Thanks, Mark. This helped me make sense of the senseless, and indeed soulless.

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I really appreciate this article, Mark, you're raising important questions.

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