And yes, I totally agree with you about how people seem to ignore the fact that the esoteric, the occult, and ultimately the evil DO exist, especially among the elites. Check out Anderson Cooper's mom, Marina Abramovich's fans, the Podesta's artwork. The symbolism in Major Hollywood films. Actors and actresses with "eccentric" beliefs and practices.

You might not believe in demons, but THEY sure do. Their biggest victory was convincing others that it's ridiculous to think so, and in doing so, they are free to show this more openly, and just call it "art" or something

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An excellent culmination to an excellent series. America always had a soft spot for the "self-made man" who came from humble beginnings and achieved success through diligent efforts. That has been corrupted into "self-actualization" and "finding yourself." Bitch, yourself ain't lost, you're carrying yourself with you. You can choose to use that self to do the best you can do, or you can spend your time making yourself someone else. But no matter what you do, you don't have any choice BUT to be yourself.

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Very fine series Mark. The mask is off. We are near enough the bottom of the slippery slope that it is hard for anyone to deny its fundamental lubricity. The only question is, What comes next?

I will be offering a small contribution-a new acronym for the rainbow folks inspired by your work. I shall call them the PB&Js- Pedophiles, Beastiphiles, and Justifiers

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I have been mulling over your themes for a couple of days now.

Seek the unbroken light.

They are coming for your children.

So it seems to me that the best way to "hide" the children from the kinds of dangers you speak of is to keep them in the unbroken light, which, these days is mostly to be found outdoors, which is where most of the human "reset" buttons live. Broken light is a matter of technology, of screens, of artificial light, of separation from the living world of light and love.

The outdoors is full of kin and potential friends - trees, flowers, bees, squirrels, birds, animals, streams, lakes, seas, natural rhythms, natural harmonies, a natural dance and song which holds our place open for us, always. It was where we, as young children, most wanted to be, where we ran to at every unscheduled-by-an-adult opportunity, where our physical, mental and spiritual hurts healed, where we learned courage and competence, where we became human.

The broken light is machine light. It is borg light. It is be-eaten-and-assimilated light. The unbroken light has never gone anywhere. It visits every day, and waits patiently for us to come out and play with it, to dance with it, to sing with it, to be alive with it.

Be well, stay free.

Thank you.

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Thank you for this illuminating series and for the transcendent ending to it. Our flag, representing a country born by the heroic quest for freedom and equality by men who belong to the pantheon of heroes whose visages are carved upon Mt. Rushmore, and memorialized in statues of marble and bronze, torn and tattered and bloodied in wars of independence and freedom, is a beacon of hope and light throughout the world. It represents a country not without sin, but one in which we, at least those of us who still love what it stands for, can hold forth as a symbol of enduring effort to live up to the standards for which it stands. Happy 4th of July fellow Americans!

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"But what I do wonder about him and others like him, who do not seem obsessed with drawing attention to their sexual habits, is how intrinsic to Being those habits are. His desires don’t seem to own him..."

Very likely, his "habits", like those of us all, are about forming connections with other people. While I have huge sympathy with where you are going with the dead eyes and emptiness you see at pride parades these days, and the egregiousness of the "life without ever having an orgasm, and maybe never being able to pee without pain" being offered as "gender-affirming" medicine, I will say that I know of (for example) teachers who, at coffee breaks, could not share that their hearts were breaking because the person they loved most deeply, was in hospital after a heart attack... because such sharing would be tantamount to "flaunting" their sexuality.

Forging deep connections that are not only physiscal, with other people who matter, is one of the many, many reasons people have for having sex, and, as a post menopausal woman who will never bear another child, I treasure the sexual connection I continue to explore, physically, with my husband, the person I love most deeply. If I found myself unable to share the breaking of my heart because of a problem with his health, I would indeed be distraught.

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Thank you, Mark.

As with the See-Aye-Ay manufactured Women's Lib, Civil Rights, and Hippy "movements" (sounds shitty to me💩😉), this whole rainbow-garb-AGE navel gazing "look at me" catastrophe is part of the Luciferian Doctrine of "do what thou wilt."

The wayward wizards are pushing worship of the self as an idol. They started with strong-looking coifed men and secret-MTF-tranny idols on the tell-a-vision to captivate our attention with manufactured "perfection," giving the actors awards at grand galas (look up "gala" for an interesting insight). They hook up the actors with government officials as well as corporate, public institution, and NGO "success story" models, and populate tv, film, print, and then the Intel-net with these fraudulent "people."

Viewers then idolize these actors, and their attention moves away from family, Nature, and God, while they succumb to the scientific materialism that replaces every aspect of the Divine Order and Natural Law.

The heartless, calculated incrementalism is part of the Luciferian false-white-light deception process. I think you have done a great service in explaining the cooptation of the Sacred Rainbow Covenant in that the wayward wizards slowly normalized the chunky-clunky fake-bow, which looks about as barfy as the Doritos-bag bow on the head of "Avant Garbage."

Interestingly enough, the word "avant" is French and means "before," "in front of," or "leading." So, uh, yeah, that demonically possessed entity appearing as "Avant Garbage" is literally leading the brigade of human waste, or to be specific, "a waste of human beings." The even sadder part is that "Avant Garbage" has no clue that he/she/it is being openly mocked by the Luciferians using the entity for their inverted, perverted agenda. "Avant Garbage" is simply enjoying being idolized while reveling in victimhood.

Keep rocking the world with your brilliant analyses and word-smithing, my friend.

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They have squeezed meaning from words like "pride", replacing the rich complexity of language with fist-in-the-face sloganeering. For them, words are no longer instruments, simply bludgeons.

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"But it should at least contain one design element that accommodates for future growth, just as Life itself does. Instead of the disintegrated rainbow colors, perhaps this changing element can signify unbroken white light."

But, this, I do hear, and agree with. I lift myself, and my cup, to salute the light, which does not have to make any special effort to vanquish the dark. It just has to be what it is, and wherever it is, the dark cannot sustain itself. Be well, and, as we say in Ireland... "keep her lit!" :)

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The lyrics to Prison Sex by Tool basically illustrate how gays recruit. It's a cycle of abuse, trauma, and the resultant development of paraphilias rooted in that trauma.

I thought this was a song about a minor problem, but given what we see today, this isn't a small issue in the gay community and seems to describe much of it. Fuck, now it seems to be celebrated with the slow-burn acceptance of "minor attracted persons" and the Desmond is Amazing shit.

We live in truly dark times

"I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this

Shit, blood and cum on my hands




Full circle"

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Great series! I was hoping you would expand it again (as you did after the first "part one of three" was followed up by "part two of four") 😁.

Great job charting the common threads tying together the larger forces that have been at work on humanity for much longer than the modern alphabet degeneracy movement, which suddenly appears to have consumed our society at every level in a wildly successful and very well-funded cultural blitzkrieg.

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A very thoughtful piece. I'd add that the regime sponsored disregulation of sexual conduct is integrated into the political economy of the West.

The great social problem facing our masters is how to manage the majority population for their maximum profit and empowerment in an an era of declining expetations. The collapse of the traditional family and the increasing restriction of opportunities for marriage and family formation incentivise the creation and encouragement of alternative lifestyles and family structures. Both the LGBT and occult stuff help with the aesthetics, psycho-affective and cultural side of these alternatives.

Put another way, the regime is not invested in the well-being of its people or their ability to reproduce or raise children in safety. The majority are disposable biomass. In Social Darwinist terms the elite benefit from the demoralisation of the masses because it weakens them and ensures docility.

Occultism is the State Shinto of Cthulhustan and Satanism the perfect creed for people intoxicated by regime sponsored expectations/fantasies of autopoiesis (self-creation).

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Happy Independence Day, Mark. And to all your readers, here.

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I am very impressed by this series. It is very thoughtful, intelligent and clear headed.

I think it is wrong though to condemn all of the occult and magical tradition as if it is all evil, just as it is wrong to condemn Christianity because many evil people have co-opted the message of Jesus. That said, your enemies are my enemies, brother in arms...

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This question of a counter-symbol has been much on my mind as well. Every army needs a banner, and the Army of Gnon is no exception.

I don't think the stars and stripes quite work. First, because it's been sullied by the those wearing it as a skinsuit. Second, because in many ways it represents precisely that liberalism that gave birth to the Slaanesh Cult. Third, and most fundamentally, its tribal appeal is limited to the America. The prismatic pennant of pederasty is a global symbol, matching the global reach of its globalist adherents. Fragmented opposition by the various nations won't be able to resist it in the long run.

What's required is something with international appeal; something rooted in tradition but not weighed down by it; something simple, so it can be easily used; but also something beautiful, as a refutation of the garish ugliness of the debased rainbow.

And no, I don't know what it is, either.

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In the Old Testament era of kings and prophets, I don’t think that anything boiled God’s blood like child sacrifice. It is so repetitive, and hard to relate to, a refrain that it is somewhat tiresome: ok, we get it, another king who did not stop it.

And yet, here we are today. And I suppose we are forewarned about it’s stickiness once it takes root. This is a sub theme of all of the pieces.

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