The future is possibly much more mentally, physical and spiritually healthy. Rejoice.

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Holy crap this is awesome.

Can't become a paid subscriber as my Spaceship temporarily crashed, and I'm currently in the hospital without credit card access. But as soon as I'm out, I'd be delighted to have Deimos Station as a docking point.

I DIG the memes. And it seems that the Station's female contingent is a bit underrepresented at this time ... I don't promise much in the way of femininity. But as a Uterus-Having-Person who is NOT in the traditional Femme category, perhaps I could offer some unique perspectives in that regard.

Anyway -- I'm in a rush now, but wanted to be sure to reach out. FOR SURE, SOMETHING IS HAPPENING AND WE ARE GATHERING AND NETWORING TO DO A THING.

The Thing is good.

I can't wait to read the rest of this. ;)

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"And it seems that the Station's female contingent is a bit underrepresented at this time."

I'm not sure that's true. If I'm going by names and vibes alone, we've got a lot of Yin to go with that Yang. The limits of spacetime meant I couldn't profile them all in one shot, but there's more tonic feminine flow to come.

But the more the merrier! I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but looking forward to your recovery, and your eventual arrival in spacedock.

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Aah, nice! I had noticed that a LOT of the sharp commenters here on SubStack do appear to be female. Lots of grandmothers, though! ;) (Perhaps I can add a more unique perspective in that regard? Grand or no, mother, I am not, nor am I meant to be.)

And thank you :) Recovery is speedy. Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'. But for sure, I cannot WAIT to launch towards that spacedock! (Too many doc-docs around here ...)

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